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We buy used gear.

Have Godox flashes that you don't use much any more? Or maybe it is time to upgrade to something bigger and better? Whatever the reason, we are interested in your gently used, working, Godox AD-series flashes. We might also be interested in your rougher gear, but that will depend on the condition. So, gather up your gear, complete our form, then submit it to us and you are one step closer to turning your gear into store credit or cold, hard cash.

Which flashes are you interested in?
At this time we are only interested in the flashes presented in our "sample offer" list below. We are not actively seeking any speedlights or AC-powered studio strobes. That may change in the future, so check back.
Here's that list:
AD100Pro  AD200  AD200Pro  AD300Pro  AD400Pro  AD600B  AD600BM  AD600Pro  We are also interested in the Flashpoint versions of these Godox models.

Have questions? See our Used Gear FAQ.