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Used Gear FAQ

Have questions about selling your used gear to MoLight? Here are hopefully all the answers!

  1. Which flashes are you interested in?
    At this time we are only interested in the flashes listed in our "sample offer" list. We are not actively seeking any speedlights or AC-powered studio strobes. That may change in the future, so check back. Here's that list again:
    AD100Pro  AD200  AD200Pro  AD300Pro  AD400Pro  AD600B  AD600BM  AD600Pro  We are also interested in the Flashpoint versions of these Godox models.
  2. The offer examples say "up to $XXX". Is that the most I can expect?
    In short, yes, unless your flash is absolutely pristine, like new, just got out of the box and only fired a few times by a frail grandmother, then those offer examples represent the most you can expect to receive.
  3. What do you base your offer on? 
    The age, quality, and condition of your flash, as well as the completeness of your kit (flash, flash tube or heads, battery, charger, case, other accessories included in the original box). If your flash is pretty free of scuffs, dents, and other signs of heavy use or drops, powers up easily and fires at the appropriate power levels via a transmitter connection, and you have all of the parts, then you can expect to land towards the top end of our scale. It will be a lower offer if it is heavily scuffed or will need some work before we can comfortably associate our brand reputation with it.
  4. Do I need the original box?
    No, but it does help.
  5. Will you take Flashpoint versions of the flashes you listed?
    I suppose we have to. ;)
  6. Are you interested in damaged equipment?
    Maaayyybeeee? It really does depend on the flash and what the damage is. For example, if you have an AD200 with a cracked LCD from a fall, but everything else looks pretty good, we will likely take a look at that. If you dropped your AD600Pro in a lake, no, we don't want that. Just know that the offer will be lower than you what you see here because we will need to put time, money, and parts into getting your flash back up to the standards where we feel comfortable selling it as MoLight Certified Used Gear.
  7. Do you reject equipment?
    Yes. If it is heavily damaged, non-functional, missing parts, or shows corrosion, then we will most likely not make an offer. There are always exceptions to this rule. We may make an offer if we think we can restore your flash at a reasonable cost. But we always reserve the right to pass on any gear. Also, if it has been dunked, it is junk. We won't touch it.
  8. How does the process work?
    Complete the form on this page. Be sure to include descriptions and photos of your gear. Submit the form for us to review. Then, we will contact you to let you know if we are interested and, if so, the likely range we will offer, with the understanding that any official offer is contingent upon the inspection and testing of your gear. If that sounds good, you package up and ship your flash(es) to us. You cover the cost of shipping to us. Once we receive and inspect your gear, we will contact you with an offer. Your offer will consist of a store credit price, which will be issued as a MoLight gift card, and a cash price. The cash price will typically be 10% lower than the store credit offer.
  9. What if I do not accept your offer? What happens then?
    Hopefully, that does not happen, and this is why we put our pricing and policies up front and have you submit photos and descriptions before we go through the process of having you ship the gear and take the time to inspect. This is also why it is crucial that you be very straightforward and honest with your gear descriptions. If you state the gear is in perfect working condition, and we receive a barely functioning flash that looks like it has been through a war zone, we are going to be pretty far apart in our view of the valuation. We will be straight with you; please be straight with us. But, if you have a change of heart and decide to reject the offer, you let us know, and we will pack up your flash(es) and contact you to let you know the cost of shipping back to you. At least the shipping cost should be lower due to our deep discounts from UPS and FedEx.
  10. If I opt for a cash payment, how do you send that?
    You will have two options: electronic payment via PayPal, or a traditional check sent via mail.
  11. How long does this take?
    Give us up to a week after receiving your package to inspect your gear and create an offer. This also means please account for the time it takes to get from your place to ours. Once an offer is accepted, we will issue a gift card or payment within 24 hours.
  12. Everything works except for my battery. Would you still be interested?
    Yes, but also understand that we cannot sell a flash without a battery, so we need to pull a new battery out of stock to include with your flash. This will affect the price we can offer for your flash, as we need to account for the cost of the battery. The same thing applies to a missing or non-working charger, broken flash tube, missing case, etc.

If you have other questions, please reach via our contact page.