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What is the warranty?

Great question! And this is a major point of different to consider as not every Godox retailer even honors the warranty. True and sad story. The stated warranty from Godox is one year for defects. Here’s where it gets tricky; in the USA, the retailer is responsible for honoring and facilitating all warranty claims. Which means, if you have a warranty issue you go back to the retailer, not to Godox. The real and tangible problem is that some retailers will tell you that you need to contact Godox for warranty issues. That is wrong, and it gets you stuck in an endless loop and left out in the cold. That really sucks, and it infuriates me when I see folks posting about it in online forums. Fortunately, there is a good option: MoLight. At MoLight, I not only honor the warranty on all flashes purchased here, I double it to two years for all flashes that are 100ws and larger, and honor the original one-year warranty on all speedlights and our proprietary lines of softboxes and modifiers. Defects are thankfully quite rare, but if you run into one it will typically be within the first 30 days of use. That’s pretty common with electronics defects; if something is going to fail, it will fail early. If you encounter a defect, you simply contact me and I arrange to have the item replaced or repaired. The warranty on LEDs from Godox and Golden Eagle is two years. The warranty on speedlights and batteries is one-year. All other items in the store have a one-year warranty against defect as well.