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Battery care and maintenance

If your Godox battery will not take a charge, it is possible that it has drained below a minimum voltage level and has gone into a safe hibernation mode. It is possible to awaken your battery from hibernation, and we detail several ways to do that below. It is also possible that your battery has drained too low to recover from a simple reset procedure and you will need to send it in to be serviced. We provide a link for ordering that below as well. 

First, what can cause this? Here are our best practice tips for ALL high-performance lithium-ion batteries. Contrary to what some people say online, this is a function of how this type of battery works, and the safety measures built into the battery management system.
  • Do not let lithium-ion batteries sit idle and unused for months. Try to use and recharge at least every three months, and for the Pro batteries for the AD400Pro and AD600Pro, shorten that to two months. If you need to store the batteries for long periods of time, it is best to store them with a 50-70% charge. That is the most stable state for a lithium-ion battery. On the battery meter on your flash and on the battery itself (AD400Pro and larger) that would be one tick down from a full charge.
  • Do not "top off" the batteries after a shoot unless you will be using them again the next day. As stated above, these batteries store best at less than a full charge. One of the worst things you can do is charge them to full and then let them sit for a week or more before using them again. These are different from the eneloop and similar rechargeable batteries you may have used in the past. The chemistry is different and has a different protocol on how it works.
  • Do not leave the batteries connected to the flash units when not in use. This can slowly drain the batteries of their charge and shorten the lifespan of the batteries.
  • Do not leave the batteries on the charger for days. Most batteries will charge to full in two to four hours. Remove them from the charger shortly after they have been charged.
  • Do not consistently drain lithium-ion batteries to completely empty. This will shorten their lifespan.
  • Like most batteries and electronics, lithium-ion batteries do not react well to impact (dropping, etc) or high heat.
  • Do NOT get them wet. If you dunk it, junk it.

Here are the batteries that can be awakened from hibernation:

  • WB26 for the AD600Pro
  • WB400P for the AD400Pro
  • WB300P for the AD300Pro
  • WB29 for the AD200 and AD200Pro
  • WB100P for the AD100Pro
  • The WB1200H battery for the AD1200Pro has a reset button incorporated into the battery. Check your manual for instructions on how to reset this yourself.


One fairly rudimentary technique to awaken your battery is to connect your battery to your charger and unplug it and plug it back in up to 10x. Then leave your battery on the charger overnight. The unplugging/plugging process gives your battery management system (BMS) little jolts to awaken it so it will accept the charger like normal. This technique applies to all of the batteries listed above.

WB400P Battery for the AD400Pro
If you have a WB400P battery for the AD400Pro and it is from 2023ish or newer, you can utilize an internal reset button. Remove the four screws on the back plate and remove the front cover. Some batteries have a little adhesive holding the cover in place, so if it feels a little sticky or difficult to remove the cover, gently apply a little more pressure or use a small screwdriver to gently pry the cover open. Once inside, you will see a strip of small LED lights that align with the battery gauge on top of the battery. On the right are two small buttons. Press the far right button to reset the battery. Then press the button to the left of that button, and you may see the lights on the gauge light up. The battery should accept a charge now. If you do not see the lights light up, try connecting to the charger anyway.  This short video shows the process described above: 

WB26 Battery for the AD600Pro
The WB26 battery does not have a reset button as of this writing, but you can reset the battery using the simple procedure shown in this video:

If none of the reset procedures described above work for you, you may need to send it in for servicing. You can find this battery service in the repair section.