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AD300Pro Kit #4 with Godox AD-S60S 24" Octabox

Save on this super portable 300ws light kit -- you have everything you need to rock out on location and in your studio!

Ultra Compact/ Unlimited Control

With a compact and lightweight body boasting a weight of just 3 pounds, the AD300Pro allows you to travel small and lightweight. Boasting 9 power stops from 1/256-1/1 in 1/10th increments and a 10 stop 10W LED Bi-Colour modelling light, the AD300Pro allows you to be fully in control with precise power adjustments.


Ever had a problem with something you've bought online from Amazon, Ebay, a local store or from some guy? Good luck getting that fixed. We're a American company with an American warranty, providing service and support right here in…you guessed it…America. Your AD300Pro is backed by our MoLight 2 year warranty.


The Godox AD300Pro comes with a Godox mount which is a great way to trim weight with the lightweight Godox mount softboxes. We've chosen the 24" AD-S60S octabox to pair with the AD300Pro, making it a super lightweight and portable combination. You can easily use the an optional S2 Adapter to pair your AD300Pro with ANY Bowens mount modifier. And of course you can use a standard umbrella with the AD300Pro as well.


Tired of adjusting settings in tough lighting conditions? Then let the AD300 Pro do it automatically for you. Set it to TTL mode and fire away with great exposures in most lighting conditions. Or dial in your precise settings in manual. Your choice to work the way YOU want to.


The AD300Pro comes with an advanced lithium-ion battery that has been designed for performance, making it more reliable than ever when shooting on location. The battery is loaded into the underside of the unit to keep it super compact due to its small size, while still offering a recycle time of just 0.01-1.5s with up to approximately 320 full power flashes. The AD300 Pro is also compatible with the original AD200 and AD200 Pro batteries.


With its built in Godox X-Series receiver all you need is one of our controllers for full TTL, Manual & HSS remote power control up to 330 feet away. Any of our controllers work with all current Godox lights.


Dialing down all the way to 1/256 power allows you to shoot wide open with even your fastest glass. From babies to fast action outdoor sports, you're covered.


The 12w Bi-Color LED Modeling Light (3000°K ~ 6000°K) (M / Prop) can work as a small video light as well.


1/8000 HSS is built right into the strobe. No more receivers necessary. Fully supporting TTL, Flash Exposure Compensation, First Curtain Sync, Second Curtain Sync, Manual Flash, Multi Flash etc. The AD300Pro works with multiple camera brands and various accessories using the appropriate adapter. The AD300Pro allows High Speed Shooting of up to 1/8000th of a second, allowing you to create beautiful background bokeh in virtually any shooting situation.


You've got 5 groups and 32 channels of wireless bliss. Easily control power across all your X Series strobes and speedlites.


No power wires, no receiver wires, gone, outta here. Experience the freedom that shooting with no wires creates. Seriously, it will change the way you shoot forever.


The AD300Pro is dead accurate across the entire power range. Stable power output, accurate color temperature, professional results.


The USB-C port makes firmware upgrades easy using a PC or a Mac. When Godox releases a new update, you're covered.


• 300ws in a compact design

• Ready for shot after shot with 0.01 - 1.5 Second Recycle Time

• Godox 2.4GHz Radio System

• Auto-Sensing and Switching Radio Slave Modes for Canon, Sony, Nikon, Fuji, Pentax and Panasonic/Olympus M4/3

• 328 feet / 100 meter R2 signal reception range

• Rear port interchangeable 14.4V / 2600mAh Lithium-ion Battery

• Manual Flash over 9 Stops: 1/256 - 1/1 Output (1/3rd or 1/10th Increments)

• Flash Modes - TTL / M / Multi

• 5 Groups keep the pace and the peace - A / B / C / D / E

• 32 Channels protect the isolation of the signal

• High Speed Sync to 1/8000th second

• Advanced IGBT circuitry for stable and precise flash duration

• Last Shot Auto Memory Function

• FEC / FEB - 1/3rd Increments (±3 Stops)

• FEL (Flash Exposure Lock)

• S1 Standard & S2 'Smart' Optical Slave Modes

• Professional balanced Color Temperature at 5600°K ± 200°K

• Stable Color Mode narrows to variable down to ±75°K

• Bi-Color LED Modeling Light (3000°K ~ 6000°K) (M / Prop)

• Native Godox Modifier Mount

• Quiet Fan Cooled mechanism

• Large Dot Matrix LCD Display

• An Abundance of Custom Functions

• Type C USB Port for Firmware Upgrades

• 3.5mm Sync Port for manual sync connection

• Sleek measurements 7.5x3.8x3.4in / 19.0x9.8x8.7cm

• Light Weight Heavyweight at just over 3.0lb / 1.4kg with Battery



• 1x Godox AD300Pro Portable Pocket Flash

• 1x AD-E2 Stand Mount and Umbrella Bracket

• 1x Battery

• 1x Reflector & Cap

• 1x Flash Tube

• 1x Battery Charger

• 1x Battery Charger Cable

• 1x Hard-Kit Case


Two year warranty directly from MoLight.

(1) Godox AD-S60S 24" portable softbox

(1) XPro transmitter (choose to fit your camera brand)

(1) MoLight 3180 lightweight lightstand


AD300Pro Kit #4 with Godox AD-S60S 24" Octabox


Save on this super portable 300ws light kit -- you have everything you need to rock out on location and in your studio! Ultra Compact/ Unlimited Control With a compact and lightweight body boasting a weight of just 3 pounds, the AD300Pro allows you to travel small and lightweight. Boasting 9 p...
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  • Manufactured by: Godox

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