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GoMo Box 48" Octa XL

GoMo Box 48" Octa XL
Date Added: 06/15/2016 by marc maggard
GoMo Box 48" Octa XL

I am a long time wedding photographer who has owned practically every type of modifier known to man. We shoot fashion style, so we light quite a bit of things during the course of a wedding. As such, we do a LOT of flash images. I own the 36 and the 48 GoMo Boxes, so my review applies to both.

These things are fantastic. What an exceptional value. They collapse small (the speedring is the largest part of them (as with most softboxes) and they are built like a tank. The center post is very thick and the rods are strong and flexible. The diffusion is color correct and the right blend of diffusion vs. light loss. They are even thin enough for me to walk thru weddings with them on a stand and easily pass thru standard sized doors. They set up and tear down as fast as any box on the market and the included grid is fantastic for controlling light spill.

If someone stole my boxes tomorrow, I'd order them again. No doubt. If you want to ask me about them, feel free to find me on facebook and message me.